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Dash A Dusty Freckles (AHA Gelding)
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 2015 APHA Doc Freckles x  Powder River Lena
        2015 APHA Doc Freckles x  
Sonitas Shinning Star

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Breeders of APHA and AHA Reigstered Performance Horses
Quality Feeder Calves available for sale at all times.

Our breeding stock are from proven working bloodlines and are used as
trail riding mounts for our family AND in our cattle operation.

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Phone:  319.227.6332 or 319-560.4746
 We are located 16 miles west of Cedar Rapids & 1.5 miles south of Hwy 30.

We are a family operation (pictured July 19, 2003 at our wedding) located west of Cedar Rapids in Eastern Iowa (click here for map).  We began as an equine operation in 2003 but added feeder cattle in 2008.  The main focus of our farm quickly changed from equine to bovine.

Only having six acres limits our ability to have our own cow herd, so we began specializing in buying small feeder calves and backgrounding them for resale.  We typically have 30-40 head of mostly black hided calves on feed at all times.  We have been know to buy calves still on the bottle but usually try to buy 200 - 250 lb calves that we resale at 450-550 lbs.  All calves receive 5 and 7-way vaccinations, are poured for mange, wormed and bulls are knife castrated.  Please visit our Backgrounding Information page for more information on our cattle for sale and our Working Calves Pictures page to see how we use our horses with our cattle.



Our equine program revolves around our stallion, Doc Freckles.  Our broodmares compliment his Freckles/Doc Bar bloodline with Little Peppy/Doc Bar blood.  We strive to produce top quality horses that excel as all-around horses, even though they are bred for cutting, reining and cowhorse events.  Our horses are used on the farm to process our cattle and learn to work in the herd and how to work a rope.  When not working on the farm, they spend alot of weekends on the trails across Iowa and usually make an annual trek to Shawnee National Forest and a few friend's roping events.  In her younger years, Shelly enjoyed competing in Ranch Horse Versatility Shows, Ranch Roping & Ranch Rodeo Competitions, as well as Team Penning & Sorting (about anything that involves horses & cattle!), but the rest of the family just prefer spend the weekends camping & trail riding.  The last few years have been spent closer to home working with our cattle.

We offer a small selection of quality foals each year.  Our mares are hand selected for ability, conformation, & money earning bloodlines (daughters & granddaughters) of AQHA Stallions Powder River Playboy, Haidas Diablo, Haidas Little Pep, Peppy San Badger, Mr Gold O'Lena, and Sonitlena.  Please click on the each horse's name above for more information.


On October 13, 2013 we said good-bye to the second of our grand old ladies.  Dash was the Polish Arabian mare of my dreams, I just wish I had found her 10 years earlier.  She came to us in the spring of her 16th year and settled with her first baby on her only breeding to Doc Freckles in 2007.  She served as Shelly's trail mount that summer and 399 long days later, foaled a very tiny palomino colt with lots of chrome!  Dusty has grown up and now serves as one of our primary riding horses.  Dash was back under saddle in 2009 and this time, she was entrusted with Scott's daughter, Anna.  It turns out this was really why she found us, even though she was back in the broodmare pen in 2010 with a sharp buckskin filly.  The summer of 2011 was a big year for Dash and Anna on the trails.  By the summer of 2012, chronic heaves prevented Dash from trail riding and she was retired to the pasture until her passing.

On September 10, 2012 we said good-bye to the first of our good ole girls.  PG was our first APHA broodmare.  She came to us from Arizona in April, 2005 with a one month bay/tobiano colt on her side.  She went on to produce five wonderful fillies with Freckie and served as my ranch horse show mount in 2005, 2006, and 2007, highlighted by winning the high-point amateur all-around title at the Lake City show in July 2006.  In October 2005, we learned to rope together and we continued until her children took her place.  She was a GOOD ONE!! 


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