Freckles Flicka Smoke

June 28th, 2006 ~ Palomino/Overo Filly
Doc Freckles x Lynx Flicka

"Sandy" is full grown at 13.2 but a powerhouse of a horse.  She has been mom's mount since she was 3 and they get along very well.  Sandy is riding very nicely, moves out across open country and is a loping fool.

They spent a week riding th sandhills of Nebraska in August 2010, pulling bulls and pushing them home from breakfast until supper.  They spent lots of time on the timbers across the state, too.

Sandy is waiting for mom to learn to rope but in the mean time we might have to get her started, she is a solid riding horse and ready for some real work.



October 2010 - Shimek Forest
Anna & Sandy, October 31, 2010


Freckles Flicka Smoke ~ 2006 Palomino/Overo Filly


Doc Freckles
Palomino Overo

Sargent Freckles
Sorrel Overo

Colonel Freckles
Sorrel AQHA

Slaters Alikchi Jo

Docs Vicky Lynn
Palomino/Solid (Crop-Out)

Doc A’Lock (x Doc Bar)

Buckskin AQHA


Lynx Flicka

Doc's Lynx
Sorrel  AQHA

Doc Bar
Sorrel AQHA

Jameen Tivio

Gunmoke's Flicka
Sorrel AQHA
Mr Gun Smoke
Sorrel AQHA
Cody's Flicka
Sorrel AQHA



Bob King Clinic - Dreamcatcher Stable, May 2010
Jeff Griffith Clinic - Iowa Equestrian Center at Kirkwood Community College, April 2010

Trail Riding - Natural Gait, August 2009
 Kip Fladland Clinic (below) - August 2009, Vinton, Iowa

Jeff Griffith helping Alice with her first ride.
Pictures at 12 hours, 325 days in utero she didn't come out with much meat on her bones.   Not much to say about her pedigree - you don't find many 2006 granddaughters of Doc's Lynx.  Loud Palomino/Overo (Sabino) - 2 dark eyes, full blaze eye to eye, high leg white, freckled rib cage.

Shelly & Sandy, October 2010

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